FLOOD, BUMSTEAD, MCCREADY & MCCARTHY, INC. (FBMM), founded in l990, is an internationally-recognized business and financial management firm with offices in Nashville and New York, representing clients in the entertainment industry. Our prestigious roster includes recording artists, entertainers, songwriters and music producers.

Our owners are advisors to various public company boards of directors as well as private company boards and entertainment industry associations. Among our clients are winners of virtually every major award including Grammy Awards, CMA Awards, American Music Awards, MTV Awards, Entertainer of the Year Awards, ASCAP and BMI Songwriters of the Year Awards. Many of our clients have achieved the highest levels of success and received numerous multi-platinum records recognizing achievements throughout the world.

We specialize in cutting-edge, comprehensive, worldwide financial and business management. We are distinguished by the rich mix of talents and experiences of our owners and our management team and are obsessed with a commitment to integrity and excellence in taking the best possible care of our clients. Our efforts are focused upon developing, strengthening and managing all controllable factors which determine the ultimate financial health and success of the individuals and businesses we represent.

Because we work with many artists in many different genres of music, we have a diverse and prismatic view of the trends, threats and opportunities. Because we don't sell any product of any kind to those we represent, we are a safe haven for objective advice.

Our team approach to service allows our clients to have their financial worlds comprehensively coordinated, and facilitates their having the resources and information to make strong decisions that are, truly, in their best interests.

Our mission is focused upon the achievements of each individual's unique goals.

NASHVILLE - (615) 329-9902
NEW YORK - (212) 337-3777