Kristin Braaksma

Kristin Braaksma

Director of Staff Development

Nashville, TN

Kristin Braaksma serves as FBMM’s director of staff development and has been with the firm since 1992. She is responsible for procedure development and staff training, as well as the software administration of the firm’s accounting program and online banking program access. In her 30 years on the job, she has developed multiple training programs for staff, and coordinated the transition through multiple accounting software changes. She also helped develop FBMM’s inaugural royalty desk audit program early in her career.

Kristin joined FBMM as an executive assistant and climbed the ranks to senior account manager. Some of her current duties began while she was in that position, before it became a full-time role 10 years ago. She graduated from Belmont University in 1991 as part of the first graduating class with accreditation. Her bachelor’s degree is in music with concentrations in voice and music business.

Behind the Scenes

Kristin takes active part in FBMM’s philanthropy committee, and she also helps arrange educational and volunteer opportunities for staff through the Enrichment Talks series. She is a member of the Recording Academy, the Academy of Country Music and the Country Music Association. Her in her free time, she is a worship leader at her church, Midtown Fellowship at Granny White, and has been a volunteer worship leader at Nashville Rescue Mission.

Did you know?

• Kristin’s not-so-hidden talent: singing! She started in elementary school and has even participated in an FBMM band.

• Her coin collection includes many interesting pieces, like a Hawaiian coin.

• Best advice she’s ever received: “Family is everything. Nobody ever dies wishing they’d worked more.”